Rental conditions

Article 1: The tenant take note to have received the rented bicycle in good condition.


Article 2: Mega Bike take note to have delivered the bicycle in good condition. Bicycle rental is only available to adults who have a valid ID, unless the person under 18 is accompanied by an adult.


Article 3: It is not allowed to transport an extra person on the bicycle, with the exception of children up to a maximum of 22 kg in the designated child seats.


Article 4: The tenant declares that all persons in the group reserved by him have taken note of the general rental conditions.


Article 5: At the start of the rental period, a deposit of € 50 per bicycle (€ 200 for an E-bike) is requested, or the submission of a valid and original ID certificate. In case of renting one bike by one person, we charge double the above deposit rate. After returning the rented bicycle(s) and accessories, the deposit will be refunded after settlement of any outstanding bills, damage, defects or other additional costs.


Article 6: The tenant is liable for damage to the rented bicycle and will reimburse both the repair costs and the necessary replacement of damaged parts. The following prices will be charged:

  • Wheel: € 125.00
  • Derailleur: € 15.00
  • Child’s seat: € 60.00
  • Pedal: € 12.00
  • Saddle: € 50.00
  • Lighting: € 10.00
  • Luggage rack: € 50.00
  • Key: € 5.00
  • Chain: € 36.00
  • Lashing strap: € 5.00
  • Axa-lock € 32.00
  • Helmet: € 15.00


Article 7: In the event of theft, the tenant is liable for the replacement value of the bicycle. Provided that the Mega Bike bicycle insurance policy has been concluded for a value of €2.50 per bicycle per day, you only pay the deductible in case of theft.

Transport de Luxe:

New Values – € 749.00

Deductible – € 300.00

E-bike basic:

New Values – € 1499.00

Deductible – € 700.00

Children’s bicycle:

New Values- € 499.00

Deductible – € 200.00

E-bike de luxe:

New Values – € 2499.00

Deductible – € 1200.00

Article 8: The costs referred to in Articles 6 and 7 will be paid to the lessor at the latest on the determined return date of the bicycle.


Article 9: The tenant, as a good manager, will take care of the bike rented out to him.


Article 10: The bicycle(s) must be carefully locked (both the frame and the wheels) to a fixed, non-movable and designated object. Place the bicycle in a well-lit, visible place and preferably leave it for no longer than a few hours. If the bicycle is rented for more than one day, make sure you have a suitable (locked) garage for the night, it is not allowed to leave the bike outside during the night.


Article 11: The tenant bears full legal liability for damage caused to third parties.


Article 12: The full payment of the rent and the deposit must be paid prior to the rental period. The full rent remains valid with every early return delivery. In case not returning before closing time but the next morning, we will charge € 10,00 each bike.


Article 13: Compliance with Spanish (traffic) laws and regulations is the responsibility of the tenant. Any fines or penalties will be borne by the tenant.


Article 14: If the lessor is of the opinion that the rented materials are used carelessly, the bicycle rental agreement can be terminated at any time without judicial intervention.

In case of emergency or any doubt you can contact Mega Bike

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